Bayside’s Special Situations strategy invests across the capital structure with a focus on complex situations involving middle market corporate and real estate assets.

Bayside’s large investment team, deep experience and flexible capital allow for customized solutions to benefit assets with limited access to traditional sources of financing.

Opportunistic Credit

Bayside’s Opportunistic Credit strategy focuses on primary and secondary credit investments in corporate and real estate assets in North America and Europe. Borrowers typically face an elevated risk of a restructuring event as a result of idiosyncratic, cyclical or secular factors often exacerbated by complexity and excessive leverage.

Performing Credit

Bayside’s Performing Credit strategy focuses on non-investment grade North American and European corporate credit, including secured leveraged loans and high yield bonds. Bayside’s Performing Credit manages structured finance and other investment vehicles that seek to achieve an attractive total return with an emphasis on downside protection through rigorous fundamental diligence aided by the deep experience of the Bayside investment team and the H.I.G. platform.